Here are answers to some of most frequently asked questions which may help you to enjoy flying or flying helicopter specifically.

What is HKAC stand for ?

HKAC – Hong Kong Aviation Club. 香港飛行總會。

What is PPL stands for ?

PPL – Private Pilot License. 意思是私人飛行執照。

Is private flying available in Hong Kong ?

Yes, private flying is available in Hong Kong. And HKAC, a non profit organisation, is the only place where you can fly or learn to fly both fixed wing airplane and helicopter.

How to apply for HKCAD written examinations for PPL ?

Go to this web site: http://www.hkatc.gov.hk

On the left column, click the AIP, it expands to several items, click AIC.  Look for “EXAMINATIONS FOR THE ISSUE OF A PRIVATE PILOTS LICENCE“ which publishes the coming examinations dates.

Click this link to find the application forms: http://www.cad.gov.hk/english/applications.html

Look for and download DCA601(4) “Examinations Booking Form for Private Pilot’s Licence“.


What is the first solo requirement ?

I cannot find out official written requirement in HK or ICAO publications. From what I know

  • you need to have the necessary training and flying experience
  • at least 2 instructors have flown with you and have confident with your flying
  • you have the medical check up passed (2nd class is needed in HK)
  • pass 3 written examinations: Radio Telephony, Air Law, Human Performance

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