I build this blog to share the helicopter flying experiences. Why helicopter instead of fixed-wing airplane ?  Because its more practical and enjoyable to fly helicopter than FW.  But FW pilot are also welcome to this web site.  BTW, I have both FW and helicopter license.  Enjoy !

Then, why we need yet another web site ?  In everyday reading / flying, you may gain something which you want others to share.  You may have written it down and share with others.  Its a lot of effort for me to file all this and that.  When people come to me, it takes some time and effort to retrieve and collect.  Other pilot may also putting a lot of effort to do the same thing.  In order not to reinvent the wheel, I make this to let the rest of us to store those information and make us and new comer retrieve the information effectively.  Hopefully, we can promote a bit aviation in Hong Kong.

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