Why the approach in helicopter is so different from fixed-wing aircraft ?

When I learnt helicopter flying, I already had the FW license.  I had this question in mind.  The helicopter approach is normally through a glide path where you gradually reduce the air-speed and altitude together.  For FW approach, they keep flying at low air-speed and flare at the end which is like the flare in parachuting or quick stop in helicopter.

Helicopter can do the same thing like the FW, to fly at low air-speed and terminate by a quick stop.  But, in quick stop, you will need a high nose altitude.  That will involve a lot of coordinations in short time which demands very high skill.

Trying to land with a nose high attitude along with any other unfavourable condition (i.e., high gross weight, tail wind, gusty wind) is most likely to end in disaster.

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